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Combo Specials

Served all-day

(Absolutely no substitutions)

(Fried Rice topped w/ Japanese White Sauce)


6 Wings Combo**

(Bone-in or Boneless)

2 flavors w/ Large Fried Rice

& Fountain Drink


6 Chicken Strips Combo**

2 Flavors w/ Large Fried Rice

& Fountain Drink



8 Wings**

(Bone-in or Boneless)

w/ Large Fried Rice & Fountain Drink



10 Wings**

(Bone-in or Boneless)

w/ Large Fried Rice & Fountain Drink



Chicken Combo

Chicken Katsu & 5 pcs Wings 

(Bone-in or Boneless)


3 Chicken Strips

w/ Fried Rice & Fountain Drink



Shrimp Combo**

5 pcs Butterfly Shrimp, Shrimp Fried Rice & Fountain Drink



20 Wings**

(Bone-in or Boneless)

w/ Large Fried Rice & two Fountain Drinks


**Includes salad upon request

Butterfly Shrimp

(Tossed in your favorite wing

flavor or sauce on the side)


   5 (1 Flavor)

10 (2  Flavors)


20 (up to 2 Flavors)

30 (up to 3 Flavors)



Served All Day


Veggie Platter

Stir-fry vegetables w/ steamed rice



Katsu Platter
Chicken Katsu
Served w/ steamed rice



Teriyaki Chicken Platter

Teriyaki chicken on a bed of steamed rice w/ stir-fried veggies and a side salad

Half order

$7.99 (no salad/veggies)


Pork Wings

(8oz of tender meaty pork shanks)

w/ fried rice & side salad


Family Meal Deals

30 Wings

(Bone-in or Boneless)

 (3 Flavors, 3 Ranch)
2 Baskets of French Fries

or 2 Steamed Rice*

1 Order of Celery & Carrots



50 Wings

(Bone-in or Boneless)

(5 Flavors, 5 Ranch)
3 Baskets of French Fries

or 3 Steamed Rice*

2 Orders of Celery & Carrots



*Upgrade from French Fries/Steamed

Rice to Basic Fried Rice

for $3.00 per basket


Side Salad


Egg Rolls (2)


Celery & Carrot Sticks


Stir-fried Veggies

Sm.  $4.99      Lg. $7.99

Steamed Rice


French Fries


French Fries (Seasoned)


Jalapenos (2oz cup)


Extra Ranch or Blue Cheese


Japanese White Sauce



There will be an additional charge

for extra condiments. 

Ask cashier for prices.


Canned Soda………………..…....……………..$1.25

Bottled Water ......…………….................... $1.75

Fountain Soda & Iced Tea ..….................$2.50

Mexican Coca Cola…..…..Sm $2.99  Lg. $3.50

Ask for prices of other drinks


Helados Mexican Fruit Bars……….…….$1.50

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Free WiFi spot

--Items and prices subject

to change without notice.


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