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Started in 2006, Wings and Rice has become a favorite dining spot for people in the Craycroft and Pima neighborhood and beyond.  People from all walks of life come in for wings, fried rice, and many other cuisine favorites from all over the World.


On any day one can dine with business people, medical professionals, tradespeople, students, and military personnel from nearby Davis Monthan Air Force Base.


Wings and Rice is owned and operated by Ken and Lona Kang.  As a former chef at several local Japanese restaurants, Ken said he wanted his restaurant to feature a Medley of options.  “Why not do a bit of everything?” said Ken.


Ken is originally from South Korea.  After completing a stint in the South Korean Marines he came to the United States and started his chef career working twenty-five years in sushi and teppan venues.


“I got the idea (for Wings and Rice) after visiting my brother in Virginia,” said Kang, who ate at a restaurant there and later modeled Wings & Rice on a similar concept.  “I thought it might work in Tucson.  We wanted to have fried rice, Japanese-style katsu and chicken wings. . . . We have a lot of influences here.”

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